12 October 2019

Jorge dos Reis presented us with his phonetic performance In the archipelago of words, where volcanoes expel letters. Letterpress finding its sonorous and phonetic counterpoint.

«In this public event, a projection is carried out where two groups of words refer to two universes: first, writing, reading and typographical composition; Secondly, the melody, the timbre and the musical composition.  These two sets are represented by nouns and onomatopoeias. Through its overlap, relationships are created and the two contexts tend to blend in, taking into account their natural and necessary relationships, thus activating the interpretation.

 During the projection we can observe graphic compositions, such as islands of an archipelago, where Gutenberguian typography was used, using wooden characters, to create prints, chromatic tears and live magmatic forms.  An active and dramaturgical reading of this ensemble, as a visual score or typographic notation, allows the construction of a musical volume that gives thickness to the projected textuality and provides a sequence of phonetic and sound eruptions.»