Non Sense Letterpress

12 October 2019 Tipografia Micaelense

«This workshop proposes a reflection on the importance of the senses in communication, just as important an aspect of a design project as intellectual meaning. Participants will use movable characters and ornaments to create non-utilitarian compositions, putting verbal meaning on the back burner.

Experimentation will be stimulated by the inherent shapes of the elements, both internal and external, juxtaposition and alignment, and also by contrast in size, alignments and hierarchies».

Kid's Workshop

12 October 2019 Tipografia Micaelense

«A letterpress workshop to let the imagination run wild, with wood and metal types of different sizes. At the end, each participant will take home a graphic piece that he or she has composed and printed in the proof press».

Súper Tipo Veloz

12 October 2019  CADA

«In this workshop will be combined the concepts of typography, calligraphy and lettering around a mythical set of moveable type with more than 75 years of history: the Súper Tipo Veloz, an ingenious modular system created in 1942 by Joan Trochut that allows numerous combinations and stylistic and expressive possibilities. It was wide ly used to create capitular and ornate letters, as well as drawings and typographic il lustrations. 

We will begin with a historical introduction to the Súper Tipo Veloz to know this post-war Spanish typography. Next, we will know the main modules of letter construction through a template that selects the main forms that students can take as a starting point. Once known, we will begin to draw and sketch with the help of this tool to perform small exercises such as multiple variation in the shape and size of a letter, the creation of decorative letters, repetition patterns or a complete word. It will be possible to finish with an intervention on the initial drawings by means of ligatures, flourishes, shading, etc. that enhance the expressiveness of the words used in the message. 

Thanks to the tremendous versatility and flexibility of the Súper Tipo Veloz we can see that its results do not match to the geometric rigidity we expect in modular types. By playing with its modules we can understand much better the construction of the letter. And all, very fast… So, Súper Veloz (Super fast)».