Consisting of two distinctive cores: Arquipélago — Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, in Ribeira Grande and Centro de Artesanato e Design dos Açores — CADA, in Ponta Delgada.


10—20 October 2019

Introduced in the islands in 1829, letterpress — despite all technological advances — comes alive to the present day, whether in the old print shops that still use it, or in a current approach, reinvented from a contemporary perspective, by designers and graphic artists who were attracted by the unique expressive characteristics of the old gutenbergian technique.  In this core, an overview of the letterpress made in the Islands to the present day was shown. 

From titles of the azorean press to various graphic pieces, including labels, a local tradition par excellence, from the Gorreana tea factory to the Maia tobacco factory, among others, also presenting some original printing plates. In addition to this historical material printed here, utensils and letterpress equipment from several São Miguel print shops were exhibited, including a small Minerva table top press that could be used by the public.  Along with the old prints, it was possible to find some contemporary approaches to the same pieces, sometimes using the letterpress material used in the old ones a few decades ago. This highlighted the diversity of approaches allowed by letterpress and its ability to adapt to different times and aesthetic currents.  

At the same time, this core intended to be a tribute to all the printers who worked and continue to work in the Azores Islands, also seeking to raise awareness and contribute to the promotion and preservation of equipment, materials and the knowledge of these masters, who are material and immaterial azorean heritage.


10—20 October 2019

«Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo works preserving the culture of letterpress in its original form. The artisanal character is privileged, even though the typographic system responds as an industrial process. On the other hand, the creation and graphic design procedures are freely explored, ranging from historical research to pure experimentation with visual language, bringing graphic arts and visual arts closer together. The typographic monotypes that were part of the exhibition fit in this context, with equipment and graphic tools placed at the service of creation: press, wood and metal types, spatula, roller for manual inking, solvent, plates. Overlays, stains, decals, collage, pressure on the cylinders, everything is used as a form of expression, in a state of intense immersion that connects creative energy with graphic technique and leads to unexpected results.»

Claudio Rocha

Atelier Artes e Letras

Dinis Botelho
Tipografia Micaelense

Edições 50kg

Espaço Memória

Tipografia Popular do Seixal

Filipa Matta

Gregory Le Lay


Joana Monteiro

João Sebastian

Jorge dos Reis

Júlia Garcia

Miguel Melo

Miss Print

O Homem do Saco

Pedro Amado

Quadratim Letterpress

Robin Fior

Tipografia Dias

Serrote Ticoolgrafia


Claudio Rocha
Oficina Tipografica São Paulo

Atelier Artes e Letras

Alan Kitching

Anonima Impressori

Archivio Tipografico

Claudio Madella

Dafi Kühne

David Wolske

Hatch Show Print

Rafael Neder e Flavio Vignoli

Roberto Gamonal Arroyo
Familia Plómez

Romano Hänni

Russell Maret

The Print Project