Claudio Rocha

return FACEBOOK        INSTAGRAM A graphic artist and typographer, he was born in São Paulo. He is a director and founding partner of OTSP – Oficina Tipográfica de São Paulo, one of the contemporary references when it comes to movable type. He is also a type designer and has authored some fonts of the ITC– International […]

O Homem do Saco

return WEBSITE        INSTAGRAM Homem do Saco is an international collusion against the ugliness of the world in the form of a cultural association, letterpress workshop and artisanal (or not so much) editions. Composed of Juan Yusta, Miguel Pereira, Luís Henriques, Luís França, Joana Pombo, Manuel Diogo, Mar iana Pinto dos Santos, Ricardo Castro and […]

Jorge dos Reis

return FACEBOOK Was a letterpress compositor apprentice with a master of the National Printing Office in an old print shop in Cais do Sodré, Lisboa. Begun his projects in collaboration with design er Robin Fior in Lisbon and by studying letterpress with Alan Kitching in London. Established in his own studio in 1996.  His work is extensive […]